Our latest work on integrating VR in class for primary & secondary education. Metaverse is here!

Lycée International Français en Egypt (“LIFE”) launches classes with the FluentWorlds platform in immersive virtual worlds

”With the explosion of the metaverse, we studied how virtual life experiences can improve education. This led us naturally to FluentWorlds and their engaging and sparking 3D learning environments.”

— Jamil Maleyran

Provo, Utah and Cairo, Egypt--FluentWorlds and the Egyptian Group for Developed Education operating in Cairo with EBIS and Concordia Lycée International Français en Egypt (“LIFE”) are excited to announce an extensive collaboration featuring the FluentWorlds Metaverse to improve remote educational instruction and language learning for the 2000 students of Primary and Junior High school.

The term Metaverse refers to the concept of a series of highly immersive virtual worlds where people gather to socialize and learn. During the last month alone, both Facebook and Microsoft have declared their commitment to the Metaverse in a series of extraordinary announcements of what is to come from them. But FluentWorlds is already here today with the Metaverse fully operational for languages and the education market in general.

This extensive collaboration in the Metaverse includes some of the leading schools in Egypt- EBIS & LIFE- along with several key technology companies in addition to FluentWorlds. They include Discovery Path https://discoverypath.gr/ and VR Academy http://vr-academy.io/en/home/ which have contributed technology insights and key contacts to make this deal happen.

Students at EBIS and LIFE will enjoy remote classes in more than 50 virtual worlds such as a classroom, an airport, a conference center and a university setting. FluentWorlds has created three specific customized online virtual worlds for the schools in Egypt including a Virtual Farm environment for elementary students and a Virtual Science Laboratory for high school students.

FluentWorlds online academy, aka www.3DMeet.com, is a communication platform that combines the best of technologies like Google hangouts, Skype and Zoom with a set of immersive worlds created in 3D. Students have the ability to personalize their own characters and travel through numerous 3D scenarios designed for contextual learning. Further, the FluentWorlds Youtube channel has more than 34,000 subscribers.

These online training environments from FluentWorlds allow teachers and students to meet in experiential virtual worlds so that they can learn in context. They will have all of the advantages seen in traditional videoconferencing such as webcam, crystal clear voice, chat, and screen-share to be enjoyed in engaging environments that allow teachers to develop their classes via a telepresence and facilitate the learning of any subject.

Jamil Maleyran, Proviseur of Concordia L.I.F.E and Consultant of I.S.C Board of Directors, profoundly stated:

"The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up our certainties and our practices. But we have achieved an extraordinary educational continuity during this period through a hybrid educational offer. Thus, CONCORDIA L.I.F.E high school has moved into a new era; an era where schools become agents of change, constantly adapting with the times.

This experience prompted our school to reflect on the interaction between players in a classroom, but also between players and their environments. For example, online courses have been able to use children's homes to do chemistry experiments in their kitchen. With the explosion of the metaverse, we studied how virtual life experiences can improve education. This led us naturally to FluentWorlds and their engaging and sparking 3D learning environments.

During the last month, teachers and their students have been immersed in virtual worlds where they work for real. In the process, we have discovered one certainty: Allowing students to immerse themselves in a virtual world opens up new possibilities for teaching. Our final target is to connect Metaverse with the real world."

David R. Bradford, CEO of FluentWorlds. stated:

“FluentWorlds is enthusiastic about this new collaboration with LIFE. FluentWorlds can improve the quality of education of students everywhere through its suite of products, including 3dMeet, and the FluentWorlds Apps – FluentWorlds and PerfectAccent.”

Mr. Bradford added: “FluentWorlds’ products can remove the barriers to achieving language fluency. It is the goal of FluentWorlds to elevate the lives of people around the world through its remarkable technology empowered educational tools.”

“LIFE is dedicated to improving the quality of education at its school, and the collaboration with FluentWorlds will absolutely help us to achieve that goal,” said Mr. Amr Halim, President of the Board of ISC.

Dr. L.Varinou Founder & CEO VR Academy, Athens-Greece added :

"This transaction allows these leading Egyptian educational institutions to be on the cutting edge of technology where students can meet virtually in sparkling online 3dWorlds where they can learn numerous subjects including languages. FluentWorlds has even created walkable custom worlds in the metaverse like a Science Laboratory and Farm (complete with interactive animals).

Dr. Linda Bradford, PhD in instructional technology and founder of FluentWorlds, added:

“I am excited that we are now collaborating with LIFE in Egypt. I have been impressed with the vision of the school, and the quality of their language training. FluentWorlds will be able to build upon the current success of the school. Together we can improve the quality of educational training in Egypt and around the world utilizing the power of the Metaverse. I want to add that the launch of our innovative 3D educational worlds in Egypt would have never taken place but for the remarkable work of Maria Chatzikonstantinou, General Manager of Discovery Path Innovative Education office."