Exciting Progress for Discovery Path's UNESCO Chair Application

In a recent update, Maria Chatzikonstantinou, representing Discovery Path, shares thrilling news about the evaluation of their UNESCO Chair application. The application underwent rigorous assessment by a scientific council responsible for selecting projects to represent France.

With immense joy, Chatzikonstantinou announces that their project received high acclaim and has been chosen for further consideration. This notable recognition allows Discovery Path to proceed with the official submission of their application on the UNESCO platform by the end of April. Additionally, they have received a letter of recommendation from the French UNESCO commission, further solidifying their candidacy.

The Discovery Path team eagerly anticipates the final selection results, which are expected to be announced at the beginning of September 2023. Chatzikonstantinou expresses her enthusiasm for the opportunity to embark on this ambitious project alongside their esteemed partners.

As the journey unfolds, Discovery Path remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovative education, leveraging their expertise and collaborations to create a lasting impact on the global stage.